Every trading strategy is different, as every trader is different. Some strategies might be more technical - which is easier to automate, while others might be more discretional. Because of this reason, it is challenging to set a "de facto" price for automation. There are just too many variables to consider. That's why below you will find starting prices for automation of strategies. To find out how much the automation of your strategy would cost, please contact us, and we will arrange the evaluation process and give you an automation pricing estimate. If you like the price and service - we can proceed with automation if not - no problem! You do not commit to anything by scheduling a pricing estimate.

To get a better evaluation of your automation costs without scheduling a pricing estimate, we invite you to take our Automation Readiness quiz. This short quiz will evaluate the key aspects of your trading strategy and give you a better price evaluation for automation based on your answers. Not only that, but it will also point out the areas in your strategy that might cause difficulties in automation. It's free and highly informative!


From $2500 per strategy

Custom built Diamond Strategies software

Complete strategy automation

Statistical strategy optimization 

Strategy  backtesting and evaluation

Automation of Cryptocurrency, Stock, Index, Option, Forex trading and more


From $10 000 per strategy

On location development work

Access to our top quantitative experts

Custom broker support

Long term support

Everything from Individual plan and more