Welcome to the Diamond Strategies evaluation quiz of Trading Strategy readiness for automation.

The purpose of this quiz is to quickly evaluate how ready your trading strategy is for automation. The result of the quiz will also show an estimated price of automation and outline key interest points in relation to automating your strategy.

QUIZ TIME 3 minutes
How would you describe your trading strategy?
If your strategy uses Price Action, does it use any complex patterns that cannot be easily outlined using mathematical formulas?

If yes, please comment below what kind of patterns are used.
Is your strategy using any Custom/Proprietary technical analysis indicators?

If yes, please comment what kind of indicators.
What instruments is your strategy meant to trade?
Can you use any of the brokers mentioned below to execute your trades?
What is the timeframe of execution for your trades?
Does your strategy require any alternative or fundamental data for signal generation? I.e. earnings values, news articles etc.

Please comment below what kind of data if any is used.
Do the global or local news impact your trading decisions?
Do you use complex risk management strategies in your trading? I.e. exiting trades early if something specific happens (for example earnings announcement coming up, unexpected bad news related to the company come out, etc).
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